We’ve launched our first online community

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MoneyPlus Features Team

17th April 2015 at 9:33am

Did you know we now have an online community where you can chat all things financial?

The MoneyPlus Community is open to everyone who wants to get involved. It’s a chance for you to meet like-minded individuals with a passion for their finances in a place which is welcoming, friendly, informative and fun.

Communities such as ours are ideal for those looking for easier ways to get in touch with one another. They are a chance for people from all different walks of life to come together, connect and share a common interest. Everyone benefits from being part of it in some way.

It pays to talk

As we are a communal bunch by nature, it’s no real surprise that the growth of digital communication has also seen a rise in popularity of the online community.

The success of communities such as mumsnet and MoneySavingExpert shows people are taking real advantage of the fact they can now easily reach out for help with their day-to-day dealings. When we’re looking for some quick and relevant information we’re all much more likely to scout out an online community rather than ferret for a phone number. We often seek out the experience or guidance of our peers online ahead of asking a professional.

The rapid increase of social networking sites and online communities underlines our need as individuals for social interaction, for belonging, for sharing and for seeking out the knowledge and opinions of others. And people really do share: opinions and emotions, regularly and in detail.

The community spirit

We want to harness this community spirit and get people more involved with their finances by giving them a platform to chat, share knowledge and help others. The MoneyPlus Community is a chance for us to expand on the success of Standard Life’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn networks.

On the MoneyPlus Community you can:

  • Find boards where you can post questions and/or share answers
  • Post ideas to help us improve our products and services
  • Enjoy peer-to-peer conversations about all things financial
  • Browse or search the community for information
  • Post messages or comments, track discussions, and get email notifications on posting activity and other community actions.

Get registered

It’s easy to join the MoneyPlus Community – registering only takes a minute:

  • Go to MoneyPlus Community and click ‘Join Us’
  • Create a username, password, and supply a valid email address
  • Once registered, you can personalise your profile, chat with other members, post comments, give kudos to other members and share ideas.

Get involved

It’s important to remember this is not Standard Life’s community – it’s yours. We’re still here to help through our normal channels and our MoneyPlus blogs but we want the community to be about you sharing – so get involved. We want you and your fellow MoneyPlus Community members to get the most out of your time online and make the community work. To get the most out of the community:

  • Visit often and participate
  • Ask questions
  • Share your thoughts, tips and insights
  • Remember to thank fellow community members who’ve helped you
  • Show appreciation to others by giving a thumbs-up to helpful posts, acknowledging solutions that answer your questions, or posting a thank-you or two.

A warm welcome

Whether you become a friend for life or a welcome guest, MoneyPlus Community is all about its members. Be sure to read our MoneyPlus Community terms of use and house rules so that you know what to expect and what is expected of you when you’re here.

We hope to welcome you into the community soon.