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Angus MacWilliam

24th July 2015 at 12:55pm

The Angus Diaries – Part 1

Do you crave a world where your finances are all mapped out in front you, where everything is neat, simple and manageable? I know I do. I’ve got two pensions, an ISA, savings account, current account, mortgage, student loan, car finance…the list just goes on. And while it’s great that I can manage most of these online, it’s still a struggle to get to grips with my money. Having to log in numerous times, using various passwords and memorable names, for a bunch of different companies can be a real chore.

There must be something out there that makes my finances easier to manage, gives me a single login, a Jerry McGuire effect (“show me the money”) and lets me actually manage my finances.

Up front and personal finance

Let me introduce myself. My name’s Angus MacWilliam and my dream savings set-up – a one-stop shop for my finances, where saving was easy.

Smart money management

I have to confess I’m not the first to think this concept would be handy, personal finance tools have been around since the 1980s in one form or another. Pioneered in the US where it has really taken off in the past ten years, this has evolved into sophisticated account ‘aggregators’ that allow consumers/people to view their transactions across a variety of accounts and understand details of their cash flow, spend, debt and net worth. In the US it’s called Personal Finance Management (PFM).

That brings me to another point; most money management tools are a little one-dimensional, allowing you to see your savings, money and debt but what can I actually do with them? And here lies my big challenge. I’d love to create something even better, something really useful which gives customers the chance to do some good with this information, helping towards making the right decisions to achieve a better financial footing today and in the future.

Getting to know me

In the coming months you’ll hopefully get to know me a lot better, as I aim to provide you a no holds barred view of what it takes to push this idea forward, my world view and a bit of a fly on the wall insight into my life in general. Along with my regular diary posts I’m also going to be shooting videos or vlogs (to use their trendier name), giving short updates and thoughts as I go. I’m sure there will be a fair share of high points and low points, frustration and exhilaration, but I hope it’s going to prove a lot of fun too.

Buckle up and join the ride

I’m really hoping that by sharing the Angus Diaries and letting you into my life, that you’ll come along for the journey. You’ll be able to get involved too via the Standard Life Community (our online discussion forum) or even by just commenting on my blogs, your input would be invaluable in helping us build something really special.

Customer research shows I’m not the only person this could benefit, people really want it. Let’s do this together.

Until my next blog (or vlog)…


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