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Julie Hutchison

10th June 2015 at 1:37pm

Carers’ week

Carers’ week runs from 8-14 June this year. Carers’ week is a good way to find sources of information and support if you, or someone you know, needs help as a carer.

For last year’s Carers’ week blog, I interviewed a colleague who was caring for her mother. She talked about the challenges and humour involved, as well as the practicalities. She had taken a career break to care for her mother as her dementia worsened.

Another of my colleagues has talked about how a power of attorney helped him run his parents’ finances smoothly when their health deteriorated.

Being a carer for a loved one is something many of us end up taking on, whether that’s helping with their finances and making sure bills are paid, or giving practical, hands-on care such as taking them to medical appointments when they can’t go on their own any more.

Here at Standard Life, I’ve seen a change over the last year in the way caring responsibilities are accommodated at work.

Carers’ leave policy

Our new carers’ leave policy was introduced in 2014 which enables paid leave for colleagues who need time off to care for loved ones. Since then, 117 people have made use of this, with just over 258 hours’ paid leave received for caring responsibilities.

And helping colleagues so that they can help their loved ones is something we are proud to be able to do.

If you need more help and information, here are some additional sources which could help you:

  • CarersUK is a charity devoted to the needs of carers and you can find more information about them here
  • This Carers’ Week checklist gives you a guide for things to consider, when looking at the support you need.

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