How we got on at the Prosperous Arms Pub Quiz

Prosperous Arms


MoneyPlus Features Team

23rd March 2015 at 1:24pm

In January, Rachel Riley and Standard Life joined forces to create 3 pop-up Pub Quizzes in London, Birmingham and Edinburgh. These exciting new events were designed to get people talking about pensions in a fun environment.

Prosperous Arms

Video Transcript

Rachel Riley (Presenter)

“I am here hosting the first of three pub quizzes for Standard Life who have taken over 3 pubs! Today, in London and next week in Birmingham and Edinburgh and we’re turning them into the Standard Life Prosperous Arms. It’s going to be a pub quiz, free food and drink and Standard Life pensions experts on hand…

Standard Life recognises that people don;t understand all the ins and outs of the pension changes coming into force in April so they want to give and much support and guidance to people as possible and what better place to do that than over a pint!”

Stephen Ingeldew (Standard Life)

“It’s our opportunity to engage with people, to talk about their money and their pensions. There are some really big changes coming in terms of what people do with their pension pots from April onwards and we want to make sure that people are aware of those changes and understand all of the various options that are open to them. There will be far more choice, far more flexibility and that means that people need to think carefully about what will suit them best personally.”

Rachel Riley (presenter)

“There are some really good prizes to be won tonight.  There’s a dinner for two in the Gherkin, there are shopping vouchers, champagne and a signed Andy Murray t-shirt. So, best of luck to everybody!

There will be 6 rounds…!”

Quiz host

“Everyone can take all of their money out of their pension in one go. Is this true, or is this false?

It is Rachel’s round. So, we’re talking all about numbers!”

You’re going to tell me exactly how many coins are in this jar…and write it down..3, 2, 1, time’s up!

The winner’s are Sarah and Timothy!

And I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself – thank you and goodnight!”

Stephen Ingeldew (Standard Life)

“We’ve had a really wonderful evening tonight.  A lot of talk, a lot of excitement around the pub quiz and a whole range of subjects.  And people have also been talking abput pensions, their savings and the choices open to them.  Great engagement, great excitement and I’m sure we’ll be back to do many more”

Guests’ reviews

“Tonight was great fun”

“It’s been very good, I really enjoyed it”

“We did OK on this quiz, didn’t win and weren’t down at the bottom either.  Really top evening.”

“I’ve enjoyed myself tremendously”

“Rachel and the team did a great job”

“We were absolutely rubbish at the quiz but we still had a lot of fun. There were some bits in there about pensions that we didn’t know so it was good learning about those bits!

“We came here to learn about pensions and that’s what we did. We came last in the quiz but we leave with a smile on our faces!”

Rachel Riley (Presenter)

“If anyone wants to get involved in the quiz, check out the hashtag #ReadyWhenUAre

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