Mother’s Day do’s and don’ts

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13th March 2015 at 3:15pm

Here at MoneyPlus our ultimate goal is to provide you with as much topical content, help and support as we can. And often that can take the shape of giving you information on things you might want to consider and also things you might want to avoid. With Mother’s Day landing on Sunday, we thought you might benefit from a little of exactly that.

While it’s great to get things right on Mother’s Day, it’s also easy to get things wrong. There are always fail-safe classics when pampering a parent – flowers, fragrance and confectionary. But sometimes we might choose to go a little off piste, pick up something that’s a bit different or we think they’d appreciate, and that’s a gamble!

If you’re seeking inspiration for the big day we thought it might be helpful to pull together a few MoneyPlus tips on things you might wish to avoid – and I stress these are based on actual gifts received!

  • Cream to fade age spots – did your mum give you acne cream for your birthday? I don’t think so!
  • A rabbit – not even at Easter is this acceptable. Avoid presents that are more work for her than you and if she loves animals then a donation on her behalf to a pet charity might just suffice
  • Lip plumper – this is not one of the in-vogue serums sold on make-up counters, but a suction- powered lip plumper that works on a similar technology to a bicycle plump…sorry pump
  • Washing up bowl, brush and gloves – and no it doesn’t make it better that they’re pink
  • Remote control with bottle opener – was this really for mum? I don’t think so
  • Call of Duty Black OPS – Yep, Call of Duty, enough said

Cash in the kid cheque

Ok, now we’ve given you a few pointers on the path to perhaps not follow, what about something you might want to consider?

Kids always want to do their bit on the day too, and with pocket money not stretching far, it’s Dad who often has to chip in on their behalf. So here’s something for those on a sneakerstring budget and the only cost is a little time and labour on the child’s part and perhaps a watchful eye from Dad. is providing special Mother’s Day gift cheques to print. The idea is that your industrious infant can print off a series of cheques, fill them in and present them to mum on the day, with the bearer being entitled to a host of treats. These could consist of anything from running a hot bath, breakfast in bed, to a cup of tea each morning for a week, the choice is theirs and what mother is not going to enjoy that!

Enjoy your day

Well we hope we’ve given you a little inspiration on what you might and might not want to do for Mother’s Day. It would also be great to hear of any clangers you’ve perhaps given or received plus any of your own tips on gifts too.
Have a lovely Mother’s Day, because she’s worth it.

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