Mapping out a retirement that suits


MoneyPlus Features Team

4th February 2015 at 10:15am

Mapping out a retirement that suits

There’s huge change on the horizon. With the Chancellor’s new pension rules coming into effect in April 2015, never before has there been such freedom and choice available to us over how we can access our cash in retirement. We’ve now more opportunities than ever to choose a route into retirement that matches our hopes and dreams of a life after work.

While this is great news for us all, research shows there’s still a degree of confusion as to what our options are and how the new rules will affect us. There’s a real danger that this increased flexibility could be seen as complexity. Financial providers and independent organisations are taking steps to address this. Using their industry expertise; knowledge and digital know how, they’re looking at ways to help you make sense of your options and map out a route that suits.

Your route finders

When choosing a retirement path you’ll find the market place will now provide you with increasing access to a range of simple guides and online tools to help direct you through this exciting new era. And with nobody wanting you to feel like you’re navigating the London tube map, simplicity appears to be the watchword.

A travel companion

And we’ve just launched ours. You’ll get the basics with our guides, compare ideas through the retirement pathfinder and explore your options with the retirement calculator. Also, if there’s one thing surer than death and taxes, it’s that life changes, you’ll have the option to dip in and out as you please and the ability to create a tailor made plan to keep.

A journey of discovery

The result can be a journey of exploration and discovery, the industry taking on the new pension rules in an easy and logical way. Giving you not only the tools to help you map out your course but also see what your retirement might look like.

In the words of Sir Francis Drake ‘Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.’

So start researching your retirement now

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