Let’s make a difference for disabled people

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MoneyPlus Features Team

11th May 2015 at 1:03pm

My name is Christina Panayiotou and my role at Scope, the charity which supports disabled people, involves managing our partnership with Standard Life.

Scope has been Standard Life’s National Charity partner since 2014, working in a two-year partnership alongside Capability Scotland. We’re working together to find ways to close the employment gap for disabled people who, at age 26 for example, are nearly four times as likely to be unemployed than non-disabled young people.

Standard Life and its employees are really passionate about this issue and we’re excited about how we can work together to improve this. As one of Standard Life’s aims is to secure a sustainable and prosperous future for its business, the fit between Scope and Standard Life is a perfect one.

Fundraising is a big focus but one of the other great things is the variety of ways that we have worked with one another. For instance, Scope is working closely with the Extra Costs Commission, the year-long independent inquiry exploring the extra costs faced by disabled people and families with disabled children. The Commission’s interim report was launched in March and includes new evidence of the type and scale of extra costs and potential recommendations for driving these down.

We know that some disabled people have difficulties in getting affordable insurance for their particular needs so we wanted to hear more from insurers. Standard Life is one of the organisations involved in this, supporting the Commission in getting useful evidence to develop the approach.

We’re also working closely together on how best to keep disabled people in work. By exploring this from the perspective of Standard Life as an employer we’ll be able to develop recommendations which we’ll share with the Government, or as good practice with other employers.

These are just a few examples which demonstrate the breadth of the partnership and how our relationship is continuing to grow.

I love the enthusiasm and dedication of everyone at Standard Life who supports us – and we’re looking at ways to get customers involved. I’m thrilled to see what the future holds and the difference that we can all make together.

If you would like to find out more about the partnership, or discuss ways of supporting Scope and Capability Scotland, please contact us on standardlife@scope.org.uk.

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