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Julie Hutchison

16th October 2015 at 9:21am

Business ethics and working practices have been in the news a great deal recently. Whether it’s the correct disclosure of exhaust emissions or the impact of zero hours contracts, there’s increased scrutiny into corporate conduct where it results in social or environmental harm. 

And that scrutiny is just as important when it comes to environmental responsibility, employee relations, and human rights.

These are exactly the kinds of issues relevant for Good Money Week, 18-24 October 2015. This week draws attention to the investment choices we all have when it comes to integrating better social and environmental outcomes into how our money is managed.

Climate change is on the business agenda

Even the Governor of the Bank of England is talking about climate change. Mark Carney’s recent speech about the response needed to ensure financial stability as we move to a lower-carbon economy shows how global warming is now being treated as a serious economic risk.

It’s interesting to see this from different perspectives. Some people approach climate change from a moral perspective, with concern for populations affected by higher temperatures or rising sea levels. Others view this through the lens of financial risk since a fundamental change to how companies can operate and are valued would affect the financial markets.

And it’s also possible to look at who will be the winners and losers from an investment perspective in terms of which companies are well placed to thrive in a lower-carbon economy, and those whose business models aren’t compatible with the shift to a new reality.

If this is an area you’d like to explore further, you can find more information, articles, videos and blogs on Good Money Week and ethical investing on our website.

This information is based on our understanding of legislation and regulations in October 2015. The legislation and regulations can change.

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