Spinning a web of financial fibs


MoneyPlus Features Team

30th January 2015 at 1:41pm

Did you know almost half of British adults would admit to telling financial fibs?

We’ve been doing a spot of research and uncovered some fascinating facts and surprising stats on our tendency to engage in a little financial subterfuge when it comes to our cash.

I’d guess there’s a good few reading this that might just have seen their noses grow a little longer when waxing lyrical over their lucre. Our findings certainly raised a few guilty blushes here at moneyplus central!

Funnily enough, we’re most likely to come a cropper over a whopper when discussing our purchases. How many of us have said to their nearest and dearest, ‘what – this old thing?’ or, ‘it was in the sale …’ – knowing full well it’s still warm out of the bag or the credit card’s still reeling from the hit.

But what’s surprising is it seems we often play down our personal wealth rather than exaggerate it. It’s not so much ‘loadsamoney’ as ‘lessofit’– perhaps we’re just reflecting the typically British characteristics of understatement and modesty.

You might remember back in November Julie Hutchison touched on this very topic in ‘Why it matters when we tell financial fibs’, giving us her top five finance reality-check tips. We thought you might like to see more of the findings that helped fuel her blog – and spun you our web of deceit!


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