My investing top tips: know your limitations, think long term and ignore short-term media hype.

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Gareth Trainor

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Gareth has overall responsibility for Standard Life’s investment solutions covering a wide range of activities including solution design and development, data and reporting, fund and pricing controls and governance. He is also Chairman of the Association of British Insurers’ Investment Classification Panel and has worked in financial services for 20 years. Gareth holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) ® designation.

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Gareth Trainor

Head of Investment Solutions, Standard Life

I’m here to make sure that we design, build and manage investment solutions that work for you.  Things change, so we’re always evolving our solutions to reflect events in the outside world and your changing needs. I’m passionate about making investments more accessible and, dare I say it, interesting for you. After all investments can be the key to your financial security. So I’ll be trying to demystify some of the complexity to give you the confidence to get involved – whether that’s just a little or a lot.

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