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MoneyPlus Features Team

15th October 2015 at 4:46pm

For the first time ever, the collective number of unique users using our UK mobile apps in a single month topped 10,000. We thought we’d celebrate our growing digital reach by sharing a few more of our insights with you.

From how we do business to how we interact on a personal level – it’s clear that digital technologies have altered the way we live, allowing all of us to go about our lives more efficiently. Nowadays we have vast amounts of information at our fingertips, allowing us to make informed purchasing decisions. We can even transact online from a number of devices including our mobile phones – it’s safe to say that the world of consumer activity has been well and truly revolutionised. But how are our technological updates and new digital experiences impacting you?

A snapshot of our customer behaviours

Having redesigned our mobile applications and online platforms to suit your changing needs, we thought you’d like to read about some of your interesting behaviour. We’ll look at how you prefer to engage with us and how comfortable you are making online transactions.

Mobile vs desktop

Last December, we completely re-designed our Standard Life Savings website and we made sure it was mobile friendly.

Today our statistics show there’s an ever increasing number of visitors to our Standard Life Savings website as well as an ever increasing number who login to our secure site to view personal plan details and make transactions. But what’s very interesting is the behavioural split across devices:

When it comes to perusing our Standard Life Savings website, you’re happy to read our guidance and look at the products we offer from all devices including desktop, tablet and mobile but when it comes to monetary transaction, our stats show that more of you prefer to enter our secure site from your desktops.

Small pots vs large pots

When it comes to making simple transactions for smaller amounts such as ISA top-ups it seems you are more comfortable making these kinds of transactions using your mobile. It’s only the larger transactions where we see a shift back to desktop – although change could be on the horizon as we begin to see larger transactions coming through mobile channels.

So what’s next?

This kind of information is really important to us and shows us that we need to continuously challenge the way we do things in order to adapt to your needs. We know you’re all different, so we look at your specific needs and how you prefer to manage your money online – at home, on the move or in whatever way you choose.

Join the conversation

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