Two heads are better than one: Money saving tips for canny couples


MoneyPlus Features Team

14th February 2017 at 1:15pm

So you’ve been lucky enough to find that special someone and all is right in the world, but wait, the wallet is looking a little worn and your savings are starting to dwindle. It may be time to talk to your better half and work out a way to spend less and save more together.

After all two heads are better than one, and two bank balances are certainly bigger than one! I myself live with my partner, and I know all too well that the costs soon pile up and leave you feeling a little lacklustre.

But you can work together to spend less and save more, and I have some quick tips to ensure that the love nest needn’t cost a crazy amount.

Cheap Date

Now I am all for going out for a night on the town and having some top notch nosh but as I know all too well this can quickly rack up costs and you can be over one hundred pounds out of pocket before you even reach the after dinner drinks!

So why not have a few ‘cheap date’ nights, and no, I don’t mean sit in front of the TV with a packet of crisps as you would on a week day. Oh no, I mean get the candles out, make a mouth-watering meal and make the most of an evening together. As Nerdwallet explains;

Don’t mean sit in front of TV with a packet of crisps!

‘You can have a “no technology night” where your turn off all devices, or a Netflix marathon, or cook up some food and play board games at your kitchen table. Whatever you do, make date night about spending time together and connecting with one another, not about paying an expensive bill.’

And so, a cheap date needn’t be boring, in fact it can be bliss.

Take a Staycation

We all look forward to taking some well-earned time away from the office, but going for a break in the sun can be costly.

How about taking a week off with your partner and explore the city you live in? I’m talking long walks, trips to those tourist hot spots you have never ventured to before and making the most of your time at home. Nerdwallet even suggests doing a stay at home wine tasting and a movie marathon to boot!

Insure your car as a couple

As someone who has recently passed their driving test, I know all too well the horrific heights that car insurance costs can reach. But this can be lessened through ensuring multiple cars on one policy.

Make sure you look at comparison websites too when the time comes for you to take out a new policy, this can cut costs and ensure that you are getting a great deal.

Make that move, if you’re ready

Moving in with that special someone is a huge decision, and one which should not be taken lightly. From my personal experience moving in with your partner is a great experience, but one which can be difficult at times.

Ensure you are both ready before making any rash decisions is the best advice I can give, and as Lifehack explains the rewards can be rife;

Moving in together is a huge decision

‘If you don’t already live together and are considering it, sharing a living space can save a huge amount of money. Not only do rent and utilities become easier to manage when you split the cost, but many other expenses like food and gas become cheaper as well.’

As well as saving money, the move can also strengthen your relationship and make you all the more closer to your partner.

Pass on presents

Now, if you’re like me and you love getting that daintily wrapped surprise for birthdays and Christmas this is a tricky one to try, but is a technique which could save you a load of cash. Instead of breaking the bank by buying flashy gifts for your partner why not try putting half of what you would usually spend in to a savings account and then use the other half of that money for a special activity or outing which you can do together?

This will not only pump up your savings, but will also allow you to spend money on having meaningful moments together.

Communication is key

To build a successful saving strategy together you need to communicate.

As I explored in one of my recent blogs ‘Financial fights which threaten the love nest’ communicating your saving goals and working on them together is a vital step you must take in order to succeed in maximising your savings and minimising spending.

These simple and easy to follow tips really can make a difference, saving a little here and there can quickly add up allowing you to save for those monetary milestones together as a couple. A little scrimping now can ensure you build a life together which has the cash backing it needs to flourish.