9 of your favourites – the top articles in 2016

Research infographic showing the importance of analysis (into our top 2016 articles)

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MoneyPlus Features Team

19th December 2016 at 11:00am

An important part of preparing for the New Year is to review the past year – to learn from it.

And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing here in the MoneyPlus Features team, reflecting on the year past so we can focus our efforts in the year ahead.

It’s a great opportunity for us to make sure we’re delivering the material you want.

Your opinion counts

By reviewing which articles were popular and also analysing the feedback we’ve received, we can gain some great insight into the sort of topics that really matter to you and then we can plan accordingly.

What lies ahead?

Judging by our research, it would appear that Pensions and Retirement figure heavily in the things that you’d like to know more about, and this is an area we’ll certainly be targeting in the New Year.

But what was also interesting to see was that so many of you have enjoyed our lifestyle material, in particular, our Collectors’ Corner features, so you can expect to see more of this type of thing too.

The people’s choice

For those that perhaps missed them, or would like to revisit them, we thought it might prove useful to republish some of the most popular.

We hope you’ll enjoy this little compendium of what’s been hot in 2016 and we look forward to bringing you even more top news and top tips in 2017.

Collectors’ Corner: All systems LEGO

As the age span of LEGO fans increases, a completely new genre of fan has emerged – Lego Collectors. To them, LEGO is more than just a hobby. So what are the building blocks of its success?

40 and pension-less? It’s not too late

So what if you’ve reached 40 and not started a pension or are just being enrolled into one for the first time? Is it too late?

Why you can’t rely on the State Pension for a happy ever after

You might be in for rude awakening if you’re sitting back and hoping that the State Pension will be enough to take care of you in your later years.

Which of the 7 stages of career are you at? Take our quiz? 

In our lives we typically go through 7 stages of career. Which stage are you at? Take our quiz to find out and share your result with friends.

Pension Pitfalls to look out for {Infographic}

When it comes to pensions, planning is everything. Our handy infographic sheds some light on what pension pitfalls to look out for.

What you want to know about your retirement options

Have you got questions you’d like answered when it comes to your retirement options? Our Q&A can help with some important decisions.

Pension freedoms – One Year on 

Jamie Jenkins, Head of Pensions Strategy, takes a look at the market one year on after pension freedoms.

Four common pension mistakes to avoid when you retire

Since pension rules changed last year you now have more choice than ever in retirement; here’s how to avoid making some choices you might regret.

The balanced debt diet

You should always pay off your debts, but if you manage things in a binary way, there’s a possibility that you may never build up savings, Alastair Ward, Head of Customer Savings Proposition, explains why he turned his approach to saving on its head.

If you feel we’ve missed one of your favourites on the list, please feel free to leave a comment on Disqus, we’d love to know.

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