8 resolutions to help you save serious money (and lose pounds)

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Jamie Jenkins

15th February 2017 at 3:58pm

Most of us start the year by making money and health resolutions, but it’s easy to falter unless you get to see the results.

Our savings and investment expert Jamie Jenkins outlines some simple lifestyle changes which could help you gain the right type of pounds in 2017.

Here are eight straightforward things you can do every day which could save you more than £10,000 a year[1] – and improve your health.

  1. Breakfast at home

Porridge is good for you and has become achingly trendy with some cafés charging £2 a pot.

Enjoying it at home or at the office can save you up to £520 a year.

What you could save by the end of 2017: £520[2]


  1. Walk or bike to work instead

Few of us love our daily commute, so why not get your day off to a more active start by walking or cycling to work if you can.

Many companies offer cycle-to-work schemes which allow you to save tax and pay for the cost of a new bike monthly. It’ll save you a fortune on petrol costs and train fares and could even save you time. As a bonus, your fitness levels will rise.

What you could save by the end of 2017: £1,752[3] 


  1. Limit your take-away coffees

Many of us adore our morning barista-crafted coffee. It gives us a much needed boost, but cutting it out could supercharge your finances by a substantial £767 a year.

Skip the café queues and make some decent, real coffee for free (or very little) at home or at work. Enjoy!

What you could save by the end of 2017: £767[4] 


  1. Get on top of your snacking habit

We all like a treat but your daily chocolate fix could cost you £219 a year. Then there’s your large bag of crisps and a dip once a week which could dent your savings by £129. Just one tub of luxury ice cream a week can cost you up to £208 over 12 months.[5]

An added incentive is that boost your health at the same time.

What you could save by the end of 2017: £556[6] 


  1. Stop smoking

We know it’s unhealthy but smoking 20-a-day is also likely cost up to £3,504 a year.

Quitting could save you a lot and improve your long-term health.

What you could save by the end of 2017: £3,504[7] 


  1. Manage your impulse shopping

Yes, browsing on the internet is free but it’s easy to get carried away when it comes to online shopping.

Cut it back by just £50 a month and you will be £600 better off by the end of the year.

What you could save by the end of 2017: £600[8] 


  1. Cut down on your alcohol intake

If you enjoy a nice glass of wine or a beer most days, it might add up to more than you think.

According to recent figures[9], we spend around £787 on alcohol each year. If you live in London, you’re likely to spend £886 a year.

Another upside is that cutting down can help on the health front too.

What you could save by the end of 2017: £787[10] (£886 in London)


  1. Give up your weekly takeaway

While it’s tempting to take a night off from cooking as the weekend arrives, giving up your weekly takeaway could save you thousands.

That weekly takeaway pizza with a couple of side orders can add up to more than £1,500 a year. And add on other kinds of unwanted pounds too.

What you could save by the end of 2017: £1,588 [11]


It’s surprising how much you can save in a year, by cutting back on small things.

And rather than spending the money you save elsewhere, you can set some of it aside and boost your savings to gain the right kind of pounds.

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All costs calculated based on prices during the week of 5 December 2016.

[1] Total sum that can be saved from the figures outlined is £10,074

[2] Based on the calculation of one £2 breakfast from Starbucks, 5 days per week, 52 weeks per year

[3] Based on an average of £146 a month according to Totaljobs

[4] Based on one x £2.95 large Starbucks Latte, five days a week, 52 weeks per year

[5] All prices sourced from Tesco Online as of December 2016

[6] Based on one £0.60 chocolate bar per day, one £1.50 bag of crisps and £0.99 dip per week and one tub of £4 ice cream (all on Tesco online) per week, 52 weeks per year

[7] Based on one x £9.60 20 pack every day of the year (based on Marlborough lights according to Tesco)

[8] Based on one £50 splurge, 12 months per year



[11] Based on one x £19.99 large Domino’s Pizza plus two £4.99 sides totalling £29.97, 52 weeks per year