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21st January 2016 at 12:49pm

Throughout our careers we typically go through seven stages, where we have different needs, wants and priorities, as the results of our recent 2016 career survey* show.

What we want from our career changes over time. We start off building our skills and looking at our options, and work hard to move up the career ladder before trying to get our work-life balance right and shift our goals (again) as we edge nearer to retirement.

With January the time when most of us take a fresh look at our plans, the survey results highlight that just over half of us say we wish we could change career (around three-quarters of those aged 25-34), and almost six in ten of us have considered setting up our own business at some point.

How to make a successful career change

If you’re considering making a career move in 2016, there’s little doubt that having a financial plan in place can give you the freedom to ring the changes.

As Julie Hutchison, Consumer Finance Expert at Standard Life explains: “Our financial priorities will shift as we move between the stages of our career so a new job, promotion or career change is always a good time to review financial plans and priorities to make sure things are on track.”

*Taken from research conducted by Standard Life with Research Now, November 2015.
Study included 2010 respondents, all GB adults (aged 18+).

Which stage of career are you at?

Through our careers we typically go through seven different stages.

Are you a route researcher, option picker, route explorer or committed climber? Or perhaps you’re a role reviewer, life balancer or relaxed realiser?

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Take our quick quiz below and find out which one you are: